Education Evaluation

Virtuoso’s evaluators analyzes the foreign educational credentials of the candidate to determine the level of education, duration of course completed and the field of specialization. It includes an evaluation, review, and explanation of the individual’s institutional experience, course work completed, educational diplomas or certificates, and their US equivalent.

New York

Experience Evaluation

Virtuoso’s evaluators analyze the professional work experience of the candidate along with their formal education, training programs and certification and grant a US degree equivalency. These evaluations are performed by our experts who are university professors with authority to grant college-level credit for prior education, training and experience in the specific field. A registrar or dean letter will also be provided to confirm the credentials and authority of the evaluator.

San Francisco

Expert Opinion Letters

Virtuoso’s evaluators are recognized industry experts or professors in a specific specialty who carry out detailed and thorough analysis of the educational, professional experience and the proffered position of the candidate. Our Experts Opinion letters are mainly used in response to a H1B Request for Evidence (RFE) to determine the classification of the position as a Specialty Occupation. Virtuoso’s evaluators are industry experts and professors who are highly qualified and experienced individuals from various disciplines.